Our Licensees

Companies that have taken a license for the Advanced Card Technologies’ patent portfolio, or settled with Advanced Card Technologies, LLC, include:

  • Allegheny Plastics
  • Arthur Blank & Co., Inc.
  • Bristol ID Technologies
  • Card USA
  • CPI Card Group
  • Custom Plastic Card Company
  • Diamond Graphics
  • The Electric Colourfast Printing Co.
  • Etch-Tech, LLC
  • Gemini Card LLC
  • Jet Lithocolor
  • Lucas Color Card
  • Pentagon Graphics, Ltd.
  • Performance Printing
  • Plastag Corporation
  • Plastek Cards, Inc.
  • POS Payment Systems
  • Proteus Printing
  • REG Oklahoma Acquisition LLC (dba SSI Technologies)
  • Signature Cards, LP
  • Stonehouse Marketing Services, LLC
  • Teraco, Inc.
  • Travel Tags Inc.
  • Trivista Plastics
  • UV Color
  • Versatile Card Technology, Inc.

In addition, two other large, well-known companies in the industry have licensed the ACT portfolio, but nondisclosure agreements prevent us from listing them.