About Advanced Card Technologies LLC

Advanced Card Technologies LLC (ACT) is a technology licensing company that was established to further develop and expand the use of a three-patent portfolio, U.S. Patent Nos. 5,921,584, 5,720,158 and 7,188,762. These three patents cover advanced technology for the delivery and presentation of gift cards for retailers and telephone service providers (this is referred to as a “breakaway transaction card”), and technology that improves card security.

For retailers and telephone service providers, gift cards are not just popular with customers, they also very profitable for the card issuers. Advanced Card Technologies was established to expand the use of the technology covered by these patents by licensing the patents to retailers and other card issuers.

ACT is a portfolio company of IP Holdings LLC, an IP-centric merchant banking company that is an affiliate of General Patent Corporation, a leading patent monetization firm. General Patent is the managing member of Advanced Card Technologies LLC and is the exclusive licensing agent for the company’s patent portfolio.

For an informative video that includes an interview with Ron Goade, the inventor of the three Advanced Card Technologies patents, click here.

General Patent’s efforts on behalf of ACT has been nothing less than phenomenal! To date, there are more than 25 licensees for Advanced Card Technologies’ patents, including the largest card issuers. For information about licensing the ACT patents, contact Advanced Card Technologies.