Advanced Card Technologies LLC

Advanced Card Technologies LLC (ACT) is a technology licensing company that is assigned three U.S. patents that cover gift card technology. Two of the patents cover transaction card packages for items such as phone and gift cards that are formed with, and detachable from, a carrier (referred to as “breakaway transaction cards”). The third patent covers breakaway transaction cards with a security piece that must be removed before the card can be activated.

For most retailers and sellers of consumer services, such as telephone usage, gift cards are both popular and profitable. ACT’s three patents enable retailers and service providers to enhance how their gift cards are delivered and presented, and to improve card security.

Advanced Card Technologies was established to further develop the technology covered by these three patents, expand the use of the patented technology, and, ultimately, commercialize and monetize ACT’s patent, primarily through licensing.

There are currently over 25 licensees under the ACT patents, including three of the largest card companies in the world.

ACT is a portfolio company of IP Holdings LLC, and is managed by General Patent Corporation, a leading patent monetization firm. General Patent is also the exclusive licensing agent for the ACT patents.